Integrate a web shop into your existing web site:

PayPal® buttonsShop2SiteMagento® etc.
Just cut & paste a code
Fits in your existing web site
In site shoppingcart
Product catalog included
Advanced payment options
International shipping and tax options, etc.
A professional shop ... in seconds.
your website, your design, our shop engine.
no hassles, nothing to install.
modern, secure and responsive.
SSL encrypted connections
no cookies required
no client data on a webserver
nothing there → nothing to hack.
100% free plan available.
no costs per order.
e-commerce without any investment!
professional plan for only 39 € PER YEAR
Your shop works on any Chromebook, iPad or Android Phone ...
or on any desktop....
any browser, any device, any place, any where....
works with all editors and your current cms!
responsive, OnePageCheckout & OnePageSetup
multi products variants with different prices each ...
international tax, shipping and payment options ...
one backoffice, multiple shops ...

Why others like Shop2Site?

Cheaper than any other solution (free open source solutions included)
No third parties required, not for hosting nor for building your shop. Up and running in minutes. Time is money. Your money.
Free updates implemented automatically, no incompatibilities.
Create and manage unlimited shops with just one account.
Easier than any other solution
Just cut and paste some code, that's all you have to learn. Nothing to download or install. No system requirements, any browser is OK.
And, it will always remain easy, as we take care of the updates. With our 'OnePageSetup' you save hours others are searching for the right option.
More innovative than any other solution
Our 100% cookie-free technology is compatible with the upcoming European privacy laws.
Our shops are tested by real people, the ones with Windows XP boxes and Plain Old Telephone System lines.
More secure than any other solution
Other solutions are proud to reveal that they save your customer data on their web servers. We don't think that is a good idea. We leave payment data kept by your bank, and client data is send directly to your offline back office. No valuable data is kept on the web server, so there is nothing to hack.

How does it work?

how does a webshop work?
It is easy...
  • 1 - Just cut and paste a little code at any place on your web site or blog. A buy button or catalog will appear.
  • 2 - your clients are able to collect your product(s) in a shopping cart, and
  • 3 - go to the checkout to select their country, shipment and payment method and pay their order with their credit card, or otherwise.
  • You will receive an e-mail message with all the order data and the status of the payment.

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